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Patricia Alfonso

Co-founder, Chief Scientific Officer

Patricia has devoted nearly 20 years to biomedical research at leading academic institutions such as the Spanish National Cancer Research Center (CNIO), the National Center for Biotechnology and the NYU Langone Medical Center.

She has extensive experience in enzymology and proteomics applied to drug discovery. At CNIO, she focused on the mechanistic and kinetic aspects of protein-ligand interactions for exploitation in drug design, and participated in the development of a wide range of kinase inhibitors. This work lead to the discovery of several Pan-Pim and dual PI3K-PIM inhibitors recently licensed to Inflection Biosciences Ltd. Patricia has also participated in the discovery of diagnostic and prognostic markers for lung and colon cancer.

She obtained her degree in Chemistry from the Complutense University and gained her PhD in Biochemistry from the Autonomous University. Currently, she is Professor in Drug Design at the Francisco de Victoria University.

Ana Corrionero

Co-founder, Chief Business Development Officer

Ana has broad experience in the pharmaceutical industry, from early drug discovery to commercialization.

Early in her career she worked for GlaxoSmithKline, participating in the research aimed at developing drugs against Malaria and Tuberculosis. She moved to the Spanish National Cancer Research Centre and she specialized in enzymology and protein sciences. Ana was involved in the development of several Pan-Pim and dual PI3K-PIM inhibitors recently licensed to Inflection Biosciences Ltd. After devoting 10 years to preclinical research, she joined the Medical Department of Novartis where she established strategic relationships with opinion leaders in oncology and collaborated in the development of clinical trials.

Ana obtained her Degree in Biochemistry from the Complutense University and earned her postgraduate degree in Pharmaceutical Industry from Autonomous University. Supported by a Scottish Enterprise grant she completed the Biotech Training Program. During this time, she gained experience in managing, business development, marketing and property regulation.

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Our Advisory Board:

Thomas Meek

"Enzymlogic provides outstanding solutions for choosing the right candidate compounds for progression"

Thomas has over 30 years of pharmaceutical industry experience leading worldwide early-phase drug discovery programs. Thomas has served as vice-president of Screening Sciences and vice-president of Biological Reagents & Assay Development at GlaxoSmithKline.

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Jesus Garcia-Foncillas

"Companies like Enzymlogic contribute to reach a better personalized medicine"

Director of the Department of Oncology at the Jimenez Diaz Foundation University Hospital.

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Cesar Ullastres

"Enzymlogic’s project opens new paths in the discovery of innovative therapies"

Cesar has 30 years of experience in strategic management, business policy, technology and innovation management in the field of biotechnology.

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