Enzymlogic ground-breaking services backed by ENISA funding

 February, 2014

Enzymlogic, the first Spanish Contract Research Organization specialized in molecular mechanism of drug action analysis, has announced today that it has received major funding from the National Innovation Company (ENISA). ENISA is a public company attached to the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism that, since 1982, has played an active role in the funding of viable and innovative business projects.

The confidence shown by ENISA demonstrates the viability of our products and services as well as the known added value they can bring to the discovery of novel drugsAna Corrionero Co-founder and Chief Business Development Officer of Enzymlogic
There is no question that the future of drug discovery will be in the early evaluation of molecular interactions to yield compounds with higher development potential and reduced risk of clinical failure
Guided by the belief that the early characterization of drug-target interactions are pivotal in the design of therapeutic agents with improved clinical efficacy and security profiles, Enzymlogic provides affinity measurements supplemented with kinetic and conformational specificity information. The company's services help pharmaceutical and biotechnological companies to accelerate their screening productivity and to improve lead optimization effectiveness as well as Structure-Activity Relationship (SAR) and Structure-Kinetic Relationship (SKR) campaigns.

This funding will allow Enzymlogic to take critical next steps in developing new products and services together with expanding its Binding Kinetics and Kinetic Selectivity assays to a broader set of protein targets.