Enzymlogic participates in the XIIth madri+d Investment Forum

 May, 31st  2013

Madri+d Foundation organized the XIIth Investment Forum to connect entrepreneurs with investors. Investors had the opportunity to consider the potential of new companies with serious growth potential as investment opportunities, and entrepreneurs had an audience of potential investors and decision makers who could help make their vision a reality.

Enzymlogic was one of 22 companies selected to present their projects at the Forum. Co-founder Patricia Alfonso presented to investors innovative products and solutions that enable pharmaceutical and biotechnological companies to accelerate drug discovery campaigns.

Investment in drug discovery has increased substantially in recent decades but the number of new drugs approved has not increased accordingly. Enzymlogic provides innovative solutions to assist in the development of therapeutic agents with improved clinical efficacy and security profiles.Patricia Alfonso Co-founder, R&D
Patricia also emphasized that Enzymlogic's molecular mechanism-based approach is a novel way to increases the success rate of drug discovery process. This strategy improves clinical efficacy and tolerability, boosts industrial property and decreases time to market.