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We focus on ‘Hit to Lead’ (H2L) and Lead Optimization (LO) stages of drug discovery, using our optimized kinetic profiling assays to identify reversible and irreversible compounds with therapeutic potential that merit further progression into clinical trials.

Our technologies


Our patented kinetic screening platform delivers rapid and accurate compound-target interaction data (Kd, kon, koff and residence time) with total confidence to facilitate medicinal chemistry iteration, understand PK/PD disconnects and build better models to define therapeutic windows.


Our newly developed COVALfinder® platform provides in-depth understanding of the binding mechanism of reversible, reversible covalent and irreversible drugs. It provides kinetic data to enable our clients to better predict structure-activity relationships, target engagement, drug dose and safety margins.

How can we help?

Our experienced project manager will work with you to identify the best way forward for your project.


What our customers are saying

We pride ourselves in our ability to build strong customer relationships.

Binding kinetics are a critical component of lead compound selection and optimization. Obtaining accurate and precise kinetic data is a specialist task that is difficult to do well. Enzymlogic are experts in this area and I can strongly recommend their services!

Professor Peter Tonge, Director, Center for Advanced Study of Drug Action, Stony Brook University

We are developing the DYRK1A kinase inhibitor Leucettinib-21 as a new drug candidate for Downs syndrome and Alzheimer’s disease. Enzyme kinetic studies on a small library of Leucettinibs have provided a very useful insight on Kd and residence time of these molecules as additional selection parameters. We enjoyed dealing with Enzymlogic’s friendly, professional, responsive team, whose technology is great for kinase inhibitors developers and fans!

Dr Laurent Meijer, Chairman & CSO, Perha Pharmceuticals

A fantastic and collaborative team of scientists, who are a pleasure to work with. The team provided us with exceptional data and thoughtful technical support/feedback throughout a year and a half long discovery-stage project, where we benefited from their irreversible kinetic assay platform.

Dr Aaron Crapster, Head of Biology, Vibliome


Driving change through innovation

Our corporate strategy is geared towards innovation. We are continuously introducing innovative solutions across different therapeutic areas and targets to meet the challenges of our clients and accelerate their R&D activities.

We can only achieve this by developing our own R&D projects.  This is why we are always on the lookout for new ideas and ways to give them space to grow.

Our breakthrough and disruptive innovation projects have been backed by some of the most competitive public funding programmes.

DIGITAL project

No. Of partners: 6
Coordinating company: qGenomics S.L.
Funding institution: Mineco
Period: 2014-2017

TIME project

No. Of partners: 1
Coordinating company: Enzymlogic S.L.
Funding institution: CDTI
Period: 2015-2017

KINETICfinder® project

No. Of partners: 1
Coordinating company: Enzymlogic S.L.
Funding institution: European Union
Period: 2019

KINETICfinder® Evolution Project

No. Of partners: 1
Coordinating company: Enzymlogic S.L.
Funding institution: European Union/CDTI
Period: 2022-2024


  • Celebrating 10 Years: Advancing Drug Discovery with Binding Kinetics
    Enzymlogic, the world leader in the kinetic profiling of compounds to facilitate drug discovery, celebrates its 10th anniversary with a legacy of innovation, collaboration, and scientific advancement. Since its foundation a decade ago, the company has stood out for its commitment to developing revolutionary technologies aimed at transforming the landscape of the pharmaceutical industry. With…
  • Enzymlogic receives €2.2 M from the European Commission and CDTI
    Enzymlogic has recently secured a €2.2 million grant from the European Commission and the Spanish Innovation Agency (CDTI) to bring KINETICfinder® to pharmaceutical and biotech companies, allowing them to preselect the drugs with the greatest possibilities to reach the market. Enzymlogic has recently secured a €2.2 million grant from the European Commission and the Spanish…
  • Enzymlogic receives the Seal of Excellence from European Commission
    Enzymlogic receives the EIC Accelerator Seal of Excellence, a quality label that identifies companies with high quality project proposals under the European Union’s research and innovation program “Horizon 2020”. The EIC Accelerator is a funding instrument, designed for deep-tech companies and start-ups, which invests in radically new ideas to expedite rolling out of marketable innovation solutions. Notoriously…
  • Enzymlogic announces US and EU Patents for Binding Kinetic Profiling in Drug Discovery
    Enzymlogic, a leading analytical CRO specializing in binding kinetic profiling for drug discovery, today announced that the European Patent Office has issued EU patent EP3350596B1 covering a novel method for determining kinetic profiles in drug discovery. This proprietary technology is applicable to the early stages of drug discovery, enabling key insight into important factors that…