Early Discovery Partners

Enzymlogic is a world leader in the kinetic profiling of compounds to facilitate drug discovery.

As experts in the generation and interpretation of kinetic data, we pride ourselves on a proven track record of successful partnerships with worldwide organizations of all sizes, supporting them on a routine basis during the early phases of drug discovery.

We focus on the Hit to Lead (H2L) and Lead Optimization (LO) stages of drug discovery where our optimized kinetic profiling assays identify compounds with therapeutic potential that merit further progression into clinical trials.

Enzymlogic at a glance

PK –x– PD Disconnected? Kinetics often bridge the PK/PD gap
10 of 20 Top Pharma companies work with us
⇌ or ⟶ We profile reversible and irreversible inhibitors
SKR Put potency in context
Type I / II Determine mechanisms of action
R&D Dedicated to driving optimized discovery decisions
Speed Detailed kinetic profiles at scale in 2 weeks
mM – pM Measurement across a broad dynamic range
+145 Kinase targets established on KINETICfinder

Experts in Kinetic Profiling

Our expertise in protein science and high-throughput screening enables drug hunters to speed up discovery decision-making, choosing the most promising molecules and eliminating under-performers, through a deeper understanding of the kinetics of compound-target interactions.

We use exquisitely tuned assays to deliver accurate, robust and reproducible kinetic data of the highest quality that enhances the identification of compounds with the greatest therapeutic potential.

This insight facilitates the screening of compounds to iterate medicinal chemistry, understand pharmacokinetics/pharmacodynamics (PK/PD) disconnects and build better models to define therapeutic windows.

What defines us

  1. Our scientists are committed to the search for targeted solutions.
  2. We are client-focused and always keen to improve our service – keeping one step ahead in the race to speed up the drug discovery process.
  3. Partnership is important to us – to serve clients better and guide the development of our business.
  4. We always go the extra mile to ensure precise, timely reporting of results.
  5. We develop long-lasting relationships with clients, who tell us we can be relied upon to deliver what they need.


CDTI oficial
European Commission Seal of excellent
Innovative SME

Our investors

Enzymlogic has attracted investment from public and private investors that recognize the truly innovative nature of our disruptive technology, talent and commitment of our team, and drive to be the leading company in kinetic analysis for drug discovery, globally.

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