Discover our binding kinetics platform at FarmaForum 2015

A binding kinetics platform that guides the kinetic optimization of drug candidates and accelerates the drug discovery process.

The Forum for the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and technology laboratories, FarmaForum, will be held in Madrid from 4-5 March, bringing together the entire Life Sciences and Pharmaceutical Industry, and making up a comprehensive showcase of new developments relating to the Life Sciences sector in general. 

By providing a platform for idea-sharing, the SDDN annual meeting is an excellent opportunity to share

The Value of Being a Step Ahead

The Pharmaceutical Industry is facing major challenges. Competing globally demands an optimization of production costs, innovation as well as understanding the industry trends. This 2-day event, will provide great business opportunities to bring together the best professionals of the sector. New technologies will be showcased, alongside new opportunities generated in the sector, and knowledge will be exchanged in dozens of technical and business lectures.

The Value of Binding Kinetics

In the drug discovery process, decision-making can be notably improved when parameters like affinity, kinetics and drug-binding mechanism are used together. Enzymlogic will present their offer of Binding Kinetics and Kinetic Selectivity services. A binding kinetics platform that enables the discovery of better drugs and reduce costs by withdrawing ineffective or unsafe molecules earlier in the drug discovery process.

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