Enzymlogic announces US and EU Patents for Binding Kinetic Profiling in Drug Discovery

Enzymlogic, a leading analytical CRO specializing in binding kinetic profiling for drug discovery, today announced that the European Patent Office has issued EU patent EP3350596B1 covering a novel method for determining kinetic profiles in drug discovery.

This proprietary technology is applicable to the early stages of drug discovery, enabling key insight into important factors that influence efficacy, safety and new therapeutic opportunity. Enzymlogic has exclusive rights to the patented technology, which underpins its KINETICfinder® platform.

Binding kinetics define how fast the drug and a drug target associate and dissociate. A detailed understanding/early evaluation of the kinetics of drug-target interactions improves decision making, enabling researchers to focus resources on the most promising compounds. Increasingly medicines are being developed where binding kinetics profiling is used to define efficacy, safety, duration of action or differentiation from other similar therapies.

KINETICfinder® is a robust and reproducible analytical platform that delivers all key kinetic parameters: kon, koff, Residence Time and Affinity (Kd) – in a single assay, in solution, across multiple targets (in the same assay) with superior speed and high throughput for reversible Inhibitors. This recently issued EU patent comes after US Patent US10261079B2 on the same subject was issued in April 2019.

“We are delighted with this further strengthening of Enzymlogic’s patent estate”, said Ana Corrionero, CEO of Enzymlogic. “These patents, along with our fast growing client portfolio, are testament to our belief that KINETICfinder® provides drug hunters with the best way to obtain valuable binding kinetic information to iterate medicinal chemistry, understand PK/PD disconnects and build better models to define therapeutic windows.”

About Enzymlogic

Enzymlogic, is an analytical contract research organization founded in 2014 by two drug discovery professionals with extensive knowledge of analytical approaches used to determine the binding kinetics of drug – target interactions and how this can benefit the discovery of new medicines, faster. Now serving 8 out of 20 of the world’s top Pharma companies, and a range of innovator organizations, Enzymlogic offers binding kinetic profiling services for both reversible and irreversible compounds using its optimized analytical approach swiftly, efficiently and at scale.