Enzymlogic selected as a Top 12 Startup for South Summit 2016

Binding kinetics platform participated as a finalist in the Health category of South Summit Startup Competition.

Enzymlogic’s Binding Kinetics platform, a drug discovery platform for biotech and pharma companies, was chosen among 3000 applicants as one of 100 finalists to participate in South Summit’s Startup Competition in Madrid. The company presented its innovative platform in the health category during the morning of October 6, 2016.

Each year South Summit brings together the most disruptive Startups from any industry and anywhere in the World. This year’s startup competition has been an extremely competitive and fiercely fought battle between some of the most exciting and innovative startups across 10 industry tracks.

“It is an honor to be chosen to showcase Enzymlogic at one of the most prestigious events in Europe,” said Ana Corrionero, cofounder and CEO of Enzymlogic. “There is an urgent need of creative and innovative solutions to accelerate the delivering of life-changing drugs capable of tackling the medical challenges of our times. That is why we have developed a drug discovery platform that gives a faster and better understanding of how new medicines will behave in human body. With our Binding Kinetics platform, we measures in a very simple and fast way not only the strength but also the time that a drug remains bound to the target that leads to disease. As a result, our platform can reduce costs by withdrawing ineffective or unsafe drugs earlier in the process, promotes chemical diversity enhancing our customers’ intellectual property and boost the identification of new therapeutic uses for drugs yet on the market”.

The South Summit health category has received collaboration from Venture Health, a venture capital company from Silicon Valley that is committed to investing in innovation as a way to transform clinical results. South Summit, organized by Startup Spain and IE Business School with collaboration from Endesa, BStartup Banc Sabadell and Google for Entrepreneurs, has brought together all stakeholders in the entrepreneurial ecosystem: startups, investors, institutions, companies and leading corporations. A space to bring out all the creativity that drives innovation and disruption to launch an idea, solve existing problems in different ways and generate new business spaces.

About Enzymlogic

Enzymlogic offers in vitro biochemical and cell-based assays to the biotechnological and pharmaceutical companies, life science laboratories and academic groups. Our binding kinetics, kinetic selectivity, assay development, profiling and screening services enable faster and cost-effective drug discovery by identifying the most promising drug candidates as well as withdrawing those compounds likely to fail in pre-clinical development. Additionally, Enzymlogic’s pioneering approach provides predictive tools that deliver physiologically relevant insights earlier in the drug discovery process.

About South Summit

South Summit is the leading startup conference in southern Europe. A platform created with the aim to bring together startups, international investors and leading corporations in the search for innovation.