Expanding our kinetic services globally

Enzymlogic has been granted with the ICEX Next programme for internationalization.

ICEX Next combines consulting and economic funding to promote the internationalization of the Spanish companies. This integral practical programme supports the companies along the different phases of their international projects, both in the initiation and consolidation in foreign markets.

About Enzymlogic

Enzymlogic offers in vitro biochemical and cell-based assays to the biotechnological and pharmaceutical companies, life science laboratories and academic groups. Our binding kinetics, kinetic selectivity, assay development, profiling and screening services enable faster and cost-effective drug discovery by identifying the most promising drug candidates as well as withdrawing those compounds likely to fail in pre-clinical development. Additionally, Enzymlogic’s pioneering approach provides predictive tools that deliver physiologically relevant insights earlier in the drug discovery process.

About ICEX

ICEX is a public national entity that depends on the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness that promotes the internationalization of Spanish companies, adding value to the whole economy of the country. ICEX has an international network of more than 100 offices and 22 business centres.