Unlock the therapeutic value of GPCRs

G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) represent the largest family of membrane proteins. Located on the surface of cells in the plasma membrane, these dynamic proteins can adopt multiple active states that are linked to distinct functional outcomes. Such states can be differentially stabilized by a wide variety of ligands, such as chemokines, growth factors, neurotransmitters, lipids and nucleotides.

The involvement of GPCRs in many critical cellular signalling responses has resulted in considerable interest as a pharmacologically important protein family. Approximately 40% of marketed drugs address GPCRs.



KINETICfinder® is Enzymlogic’s patented kinetic screening platform that delivers rapid and accurate compound-target interaction data (Kd, kon, koff and residence time) with total confidence.

Time Project

The TIME project has been granted by the CDTI, through the NEOTEC Program. The CDTI is a public business entity, from the Ministry of Science and Innovation which fosters the technological development and innovation of Spanish companies. The NEOTEC program is one of the most competitive funding initiatives in Spain that support start-up companies in which the business strategy is based on the development of proprietary technology through research activities.

The purpose of the TIME project is to develop a robust and highly sensitive binding kinetics platform that can be applied to high throughput kinetic screening and kinetic selectivity profiling of drugs aim to complex targets involved in highly demanding pathologies, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and several forms of cancer.

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